Amidst Perishing Thoughts

There are moments in life which dictate that we alter our course. Sometimes we find that we must act without the desire to do so, lest our decisions be made for us through circumstance rather than by our input. We soon find ourselves bombarded with emotional tumult, to the point of wishing regretfully for stoic release. Yet in the moment of absolute indecisiveness, something unconscionable happens.

From amidst the chaos of our perishing thoughts, we find a solace as we are enLighted by a peculiar occurrence – a realization, if you will, originating from the depths of our being that shines a beacon of insight on this altogether unfamiliar phenomenon.

That insight contains on its fringes a single message: we have a choice, in all that we do.

Shifting is a choice. Remaining still is a choice. We work, play, fall in love, and cry out in defeat all as choices made in the commodity of our days through this journey called Life. And as we find our desires gently giving way in favor of a general acceptance of the way things are versus the prospect we thought they to be, we take heart in a fleeting yet tangible thought:

We cannot always choose the path we travel; we can only decide the manner in which we walk it.

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