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Functional Happiness
Functional Happiness

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As the authority on Functional Happiness, Walking Into the Light is a 501(c)3 that serves as a guide to inspire us all to live a life of inspiration and happiness.
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A Thank You Message
Before I left to come to Tacloban, I did a crowd sourcing fundraiser due to the urging from a couple of friends...To everyone who helped — through monetary donations, sharing posts on social media, offering words of support or putting up with me in your house for a week+ — thank you.

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What is Functional Happiness?

Functional Happiness is a state of well-being that exists, flourishes and is fostered in daily life. Quite simply, it is an achievable state of happiness that is practical and applicable in daily life. Learn More

Model of Functional Happiness
Model of Functional Happiness
The Model of Functional Happiness was developed to promote well-being through Self-Generated Inspiration and the Reduction of Suffering.

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2nd START: A Program for Change
Started in 2008, 2nd START® empowers and inspires individuals to create change in their lives. 2nd START

It works in conjunction with organizations dedicated to the betterment of people and communities. Learn More

Letters of Hope Campaign
Can a letter change a life? Can it provide hope where before there was none? Let's find out together.

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2nd START® Goals Program
A series of lectures and discussions structured in a learning environment, the 2nd START® Goals Program educates individuals on how to achieve goals despite adversity.

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About Walking Into the Light

Developed to support inspiration and happiness initiatives, Walking Into the Light serves as a source of encouragement and support for individuals and communities in "Life, Happiness and All Things In Between." Learn More

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